Embedding audio into PowerPoint presentations

If you have created a PowerPoint presentation and added some audio files, say an audio track or a recording from the British Library Archival Sound Recordings collection you may find when you upload the presentation to a website or your VLE that the audio files are now “missing”.

This is because PowerPoint has an option that for files bigger than a certain size it will link to them rather than embed them. This is fine if you play the presentation from your laptop or computer, but rather annoying for a learner who has downloaded the presentation from the VLE and is attempting to play the presentation at home.

In PowerPoint 2003

Tools > Options > General Tab

Embed files screenshot

Link sounds with file size greater than <insert a number which is larger than the size of the audio files being used>

I tested this on our Moodle VLE and it worked a treat. I would guess that later and earlier versions of PowerPoint have a similar option.

5 Responses to Embedding audio into PowerPoint presentations

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  2. Helen Bound says:

    Have you tried this for Office 2007?

  3. James Clay says:

    Hi Helen

    Alas I don’t have a copy of Office 2007 to try this out.


  4. Andrew says:

    In 2007:

    Orb > PowerPoint Options (at the bottom of the menu) > Advanced > (Scroll Down) > Under the “Save” section. Looks to be the same option.

  5. Anonymous says:


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