Fujitsu LifeBook U810 Tablet PC

September 18, 2007

A few reviews of the Fujitsu LifeBook U810 Tablet PC have emerged.

Fujitsu LifeBook U810 Tablet PC

This is another one of those UMPC (ultra mobile personal computer) devices which started arriving last year but are now making waves, especially in the mobile learning world. Unlike traditional PDA devices, these usually run a full version of Windows and with appropriate connections can be used with a “normal” monitor, keyboard and mouse, and used as an UMPC when out and about.

Compared to the Samsung Q1 and the Sony UX1XN (which I have used) the battery life on the U810 is much more impressive, over five hours.

I am slightly sceptical Fujitsu devices, I used a p1510 LifeBook Tablet PC in a previous job and was not overly impressed in the main as it got very very hot (and had a poor battery life).

Certainly we are now seeing a lot more UMPC formats now.

iPhone launched in the UK – November 9th

September 18, 2007

Apple have announced that they are launching the iPhone in the UK. It will go on sale on November 9th on the O2 network.

“We picked the best one, the most popular carrier, it’s O2. We’ve since lowered the price of the US phone of the 8GB phone, in the UK the price of the iPhone is £269 including VAT.”

That’s a lot of money for a phone, be interesting to see what the data costs will be?

Opening up virtual worlds to the visually impaired

September 18, 2007

BBC is reporting on how visually impaired users will soon be able to access virtual worlds.

Online virtual worlds could soon be accessible to blind people thanks to research by students at IBM in Ireland.

Some estimates predict that 80% of active internet users will be using a virtual world in four years’ time.

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UK iPhone Launch???

September 18, 2007

As I write it’s about five minutes before the Apple event at the Apple Store in London gets underway.

Generally it is accepted that this will be the launch of the iPhone in Europe.

It will be interesting to see if it is a 3G version or whether the fact that O2 have been upgrading their network to EDGE will mean that the UK iPhone will still be EDGE only.

Not long to wait now…

That’s a lot of learning…

September 18, 2007

According to a report by Sheffield University the UK exported £28bn worth of learning in 2003-04.

That’s a lot of learning…

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