QR Codes

The current craze in Japan is for QR Codes that allow information to be sent to a mobile phone via the camera.

Simply put the information or link is encoded into a barcode type graphic.

e-Learning Stuff

You then take a photograph of the barcode, and with special reader software you are able to convert the barcode into information, which could be a link to a website or just plain information.

You can make simple barcodes on the Nokia website, there are also links to various applications which can read these codes.

5 Responses to QR Codes

  1. Roger says:

    This is a datamatrix code. If you want to create QR Codes, go here:

  2. James Clay says:

    Hi Roger

    Thanks for the link.

    I am using the Kaywa application on my Nokia N73 to test the codes and it works really well.



  3. Leonard Low says:

    Hi James,

    There have been a number of educators looking into the use of 2D barcodes as a method for supporting educational activities. The Semapedia project is one (which I previously blogged here: http://mlearning.edublogs.org/2006/08/14/immersive-situated-learning/) , but it links physical spaces and objects to Wikipedia; my current preference is for Wapedia, a mobile-optimised version of Wikipedia that makes browsing more comfortable and affordable on most mobile devices: http://www.wapedia.org/en/.

  4. […] QR Codes I have been interested and using QR Codes for a while now. I mentioned them on this blog nearly three years […]

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