JISC Podcast on Mobile Learning

January 14, 2008

I’ve not actually had the chance to listen to this yet, but it’s on mobile learning, it’s John Traxler, so I am guessing it will be quite good.

The ‘Mobiles Enhancing Learning and Support2’ e-Learning project has been being run from The University of Wolverhampton by John Traxler, who recently spoke about the potential and possibilities of mobile learning at the recent Online Educa conference in Berlin. Robert Haymon-Collins from JISC managed to speak to John after his presentation and to hear his, and the project’s, plans and projections for 2008.

Podcast: Mobile education is the way of the future…

JISC Podcast on Mobile Learning

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“you feel that all digital resources must be universally accessible to everyone”

January 14, 2008

Do you have staff in your institution who feel that

“all digital resources must be universally accessible to everyone”

or are they a little more enlightened?

A podcast is perfectly accessible to a visually impaired learner and completely pointless for a hearing impaired learner.

Accessibility only exists at the point of delivery. There can not be a universal accessibly digital resource, can there?

Digital resources by their very nature are often more accessible than a non-digital resource. An e-book can be read out to a visually impaired learner, whilst a real book can also be read out, but this for most books requires a real person to do it, which at 2am can often be difficult for some learners to find when they have an essay deadline!

Brian Kelly on his excellent UK Web Focus Blog has a great post on how one disabled learner is using Second Life and how it is improving access for her.

Well worth a read. “you feel that all digital resources must be universally accessible to everyone”

Nice Mobile Learning Presentation from BETT

January 14, 2008

Nice Mobile Learning Presentation from BETT

Unfortunately I couldn’t get to BETT this year, issues with my leg meant that travelling by train, tube and walking around a huge show like BETT was an impossibility.

Of course with the wonders of technology it is possible to see what others thought was worth photographing and though I couldn’t attend the presentations, some people considered those of us who couldn’t make the event, or came on the “wrong” day, and have put there presentations online.

One such presentation that I have gone through was this interesting one on mobile learning, called Disruptive Mobile Learning. Mike Sharples the presenter has used Slideshare and uploaded the presentation, so you can view it online.

Have a look through and see if it resonates.

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