Talk to your PSP

Want to look weird using your PSP as a phone?

Talk to your PSP

Well now you can with firmware 3.90 which adds Skype functionality to the PSP (2000 series only). You can download Firmware 3.90 via the network update, but you will need to have wireless access to access the internet.

Thanks PSPFanboy.


4 Responses to Talk to your PSP

  1. Vato says:

    hey thanx for the information…i just have a question.wat is the device need to connet to the psp to be able to talk? is there a device for my question

  2. robert says:

    hey why doesnt it work with 1000 series i got it updated to 3.93 so what happens?

  3. James Clay says:

    The chips in the 1000 series are not fast enough for Skype.

    The new 2000 series have improved chips in them.

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