iPod touch, new features…

January 17, 2008

The new upgrades to the iPod touch do make it much more useful to learners who want to use it to “learn while mobile”.

It’s the best email you’ve ever seen on a handheld device. View rich HTML email with graphics and photos displayed inline, as well as PDF and Microsoft Word and Excel attachments.

Whether it’s the best is down to personal opinion…

However now that it can receive and send e-mail (outside webmail) and view Word and Excel attachments (no mention of PowerPoint) and PDFs (okay save that presentation as a PDF) means that it is now possible to read more stuff on the iPod touch then you could before.

I quite like the idea of the Maps feature, whether it will actually work in practice is a different story.

As you can e-mail notes this means that learners will be able to send their tutors answers to questions, etc…

iPod touch, new features...

Currently downloading and installing the 165MB software update and then I might buy and install the new apps.


New Apple products announced

January 16, 2008

Those who know me will know that I am a bit of a fan of Apple products, not exclusively, but I do like good design and stylish kit.

Yesterday in San Francisco at MacWorld Expo, Apple announced some new products and upgrades for the iPod touch and iPhone.

Key new product announced at the keynote was the MacBook Air, a small light MacBook.

New Apple products announced

I do like small computers, great fan of the 10″ Sony VAIO laptops, however this is slightly bigger than I would like, and I can’t see how that would survive travelling by air or train.

Don’t get me wrong I think it’s very stylish, well designed, but doesn’t meet my needs for a small portable computer for use at conferences, on the train and in coffee shops.

No rumoured touchscreen, nor a Blu-ray drive either (actually no optical drive, though cleverly you can use your other Mac’s drive wirelessly, which is a very clever piece of software and something I would like to use with Windows UMPCs).

There was also upgrades for the iPhone and iPod touch announced which provide additional applications, annoyingly free on the iPhone and a £12.99 upgrade for the iPod touch.


Probably worth it for the e-mail and notes applications which make the iPod touch a more interactive device.

Also announced was a new Airport Extreme base station which comes with a 500GB or 1TB drive for Time Machine backups.

On the Americans get the opportunity to rent films, here in the UK we don’t.

Android will make Jaiku win over Twitter

January 15, 2008

Excellent blog article on though Twitter is winning the battle in the numbers game, Jaiku will win the war once Android starts shipping.

What if Google where to build Jaiku into Android as the standard phone Address Book? As soon as Android devices started to ship, Jaiku (whatever form it takes in the future) would gain hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions of users rapidly.

Read the full blog entry, makes for interesting reading.

Personally I much prefer Jaiku over Twitter, the RSS and the comments allow for me a much deeper richer experience, more importantly as well it allows for interactivity much more easily than Twitter. This for me is why Jaiku has more potential for e-learning than Twitter.

However, ever since Google bought Jaiku, sign-ups have been restricted, let me know if you want an invite, and there have been quite a few 504 errors with Jaiku slow and unresponsive at times.

Hopefully with a day off tomorrow for Jaiku (what am I going to do) Jaiku will get even better and more reliable.

Follow me on Jaiku, though as you might expect I am also on Twitter.

In case you were wondering, android is an open source mobile phone platform.

Android will make Jaiku win over Twitter

Blu-ray players “may not be upgradeable”

January 15, 2008

Most of the current crop of HD Blu-ray players are not able to be upgraded to access the new features that are coming on stream in the near future reports the BBC.

Owners of Blu-ray DVD players may find themselves frozen out of future developments in the technology because their machines are not upgradeable.

The Blu-ray camp has recently rolled out new features for players, which include picture in picture options.

But the majority of Blu-ray players sold to date do not have the necessary hardware to offer the features.

Read more.Blu-ray players “may not be upgradeable”

JISC Podcast on Mobile Learning

January 14, 2008

I’ve not actually had the chance to listen to this yet, but it’s on mobile learning, it’s John Traxler, so I am guessing it will be quite good.

The ‘Mobiles Enhancing Learning and Support2’ e-Learning project has been being run from The University of Wolverhampton by John Traxler, who recently spoke about the potential and possibilities of mobile learning at the recent Online Educa conference in Berlin. Robert Haymon-Collins from JISC managed to speak to John after his presentation and to hear his, and the project’s, plans and projections for 2008.

Podcast: Mobile education is the way of the future…

JISC Podcast on Mobile Learning

Photo source

“you feel that all digital resources must be universally accessible to everyone”

January 14, 2008

Do you have staff in your institution who feel that

“all digital resources must be universally accessible to everyone”

or are they a little more enlightened?

A podcast is perfectly accessible to a visually impaired learner and completely pointless for a hearing impaired learner.

Accessibility only exists at the point of delivery. There can not be a universal accessibly digital resource, can there?

Digital resources by their very nature are often more accessible than a non-digital resource. An e-book can be read out to a visually impaired learner, whilst a real book can also be read out, but this for most books requires a real person to do it, which at 2am can often be difficult for some learners to find when they have an essay deadline!

Brian Kelly on his excellent UK Web Focus Blog has a great post on how one disabled learner is using Second Life and how it is improving access for her.

Well worth a read. “you feel that all digital resources must be universally accessible to everyone”

Nice Mobile Learning Presentation from BETT

January 14, 2008

Nice Mobile Learning Presentation from BETT

Unfortunately I couldn’t get to BETT this year, issues with my leg meant that travelling by train, tube and walking around a huge show like BETT was an impossibility.

Of course with the wonders of technology it is possible to see what others thought was worth photographing and though I couldn’t attend the presentations, some people considered those of us who couldn’t make the event, or came on the “wrong” day, and have put there presentations online.

One such presentation that I have gone through was this interesting one on mobile learning, called Disruptive Mobile Learning. Mike Sharples the presenter has used Slideshare and uploaded the presentation, so you can view it online.

Have a look through and see if it resonates.

Photo source.