e-Learning Stuff Podcast #001 – Podcasting Podcasting

This is the first e-Learning Stuff Podcast, Podcasting Podcasting.

e-Learning Stuff Podcast #001 – Podcasting Podcasting

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Also available as a video podcast.


4 Responses to e-Learning Stuff Podcast #001 – Podcasting Podcasting

  1. efbq says:

    You missed one step, between ‘upload your first podcast’ and ‘see who listens’ there’s usually the step of ‘tell people where to find it’. This can be very simple – e-mail a few friends and family members who already know what you’re doing and tell them where to find it would be a good start. Of course, you could put in an entire episode on getting listed in directories, promos, and so on, but at least a mention would have been appropriate here.

  2. Ellen says:

    Good stuff, James. I particularly like your cheery tone. Do you mind if I put the link on my ILT workshop podcasting course with a full citation to you?

  3. […] as a movie. This movie as well as being exported to various mobile devices or embedded onto a webpage and I have taken this movie and burnt it to […]

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