Google Chrome

Google have gone and released a browser of their own, Chrome.

Windows only at the moment, so I have not yet installed it.

Looks interesting.

Alas I have heard that Moodle does not work with Chrome, so that’s one thing I will be checking out.

3 Responses to Google Chrome

  1. Nitin Parmar says:

    Hi James, just logged into Moodle using Chrome. Seems to work fine for me 🙂

  2. James Clay says:

    The main issue seems to be is that Chrome uses Webkit (like Safari) the WYSiWYG editor doesn’t work (it doesn’t appear even) when editing wiki pages, discussion posts, labels, etc…

  3. […] Chrome and Moodle In my last posting on Chrome I mentioned Moodle issues with Chrome which I had picked up from Kev Hickey’s note […]

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