How can you use the PSP?

Alan Graham from Gloucestershire College talks about he is using the PSP to enhance and enrich the learning experience.

Download the iPod version.

One Response to How can you use the PSP?

  1. Mike Collins says:

    Hi Alan,

    I am currently looking at using the PSP within the corporate learning environment as a mobile learning tool. It is such a fantastic device with so much (and little known) functionality, however with the rise of Nintendo DS and the new DSi (includes 0.3 mega pixel camera) I am afraid that the PSP might have lost out a little in terms of profile.
    I’m aware that the PSP is being widely used within education already and students love it!
    In terms of bringing this sort of ‘games console’ into the corporate training world I am facing challenges but also a realisation that these sorts of devices can enhance a learners experience and bring learning to life for many people. I will keep you posted as to the how we use the PSP as a learning tool within my organisation



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