How and why use blogging with students?

May 29, 2009

Lindsay Jordan from the University of Bath has published a really nice video on how why blogging can be used by learners to enhance the learning experience.

Find out more about the video on Lindsay’s blog.

Shiny Dragon Boating

May 26, 2009

One of the key things about getting staff to use technology, is to remove barriers.

One of the barriers is a lack of familiarity.

When asked by a member of staff if they could use one of our Sanyo CA9 cameras to film themselves in the recent Gloucester Docks Dragon Boat race, the answer was of course, and here is the result.

The next stage will be to take that video and show the member of staff how mobile versions can be made. This will include tools we already have in college and possibly using MoLeTV.

As a result we now have a member of staff who will be confident in the use of video technologies and the use of video with mobile devices.

Oh and a video for use on our atrium’s Knowledge Tree.

Post first appeared on Shiny.


May 25, 2009

A recording of the MoLeNET Live broadcast I did on the 1st May.

e-Learning Stuff Podcast #022: The Internet Brick

May 17, 2009


Online interaction or wasting time? Do services such as Twitter have potential for supporting learning or are they a distraction?

This is the twenty-second e-Learning Stuff Podcast, The Internet Brick.

Download the podcast in mp3 format: The Internet Brick

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James is joined by Shri Footring, Jane Edwards and David Sugden.


e-Learning Tech Stuff episode #001 – Removing your browsing history from the Asus EeePC

May 14, 2009

We have decided to deploy some Asus EeePCs in our college Libraries as short term loan computers to provide extra access to computing when we are busy and for those learners who want a smaller computer footprint when working on their learning.

One thing that learners may want to do is remove their browsing history from the EeePC to ensure that all cookies and password are removed.

This simple guide shows how to remove the browsing history from an Asus EeePC.

Download the iPod version in MP4 format.

Fighting Death by PowerPoint

May 13, 2009

Interesting presentation on how to present presentations.

What is Next Generation Learning?

May 12, 2009