m-Leaning, enabling accessibility

Back in April I delivered the morning keynote at the RSC Eastern Mobile Learning Event, Dave Foord provided the closing keynote. I have finally managed to find the time to edit, encode and upload the video to the blog.

4 Responses to m-Leaning, enabling accessibility

  1. James
    Thank you very much for finding the time to edit the recording and post it to your blog. I am going to put a link to this from our online Staff Room.

    David… very well done excellent presentation. This will really give authority to the (less impressive) workshops I have given.

    Many Thanks

  2. davefoord says:

    Thanks James for uploading this – the quality of the footage is superb, and the content isn’t bad either I guess.

    It is good for me to see myself, so that I can reflect on my presentation style – as when you are at the front presenting you often don’t realise how fast you are going, how many times you say uhmm etc.

  3. […] videoed the session, which he has uploaded to his blog, which is great for me, as I can use this to reflect on my own presentation technique – for […]

  4. Joan Walker says:

    Thanks for making this available – it would be nice to see Dave’s presentation as well or maybe a transcript which would improve accessibility. I know that some of your own presentations are available through Slideshare James.

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