33 things I do on my mobile phone

1.    Broadcast live video using Qik.
2.    Upload video to YouTube, TwitVid.
3.    Upload photographs to TwitPic, Twitter and Flickr.
4.    Use Twitterfon to engage with my community of practice on Twitter.
5.    Use my phone as a wireless hotspot using Joikuspot.
6.    Listen to music, podcasts and radio.
7.    Watch videos, films, YouTube and TV shows.
8.    Use it to access my calendar.
9.    Show off photographs that I have taken.
10.    Take photographs.
11.    Shoot video.
12.    Access Maps, find out where I am and where I am suppose to be.
13.    Check the weather.
14.    Play games now and again.
15.    Do maths with a calculator.
16.    Buy songs and Apps from iTunes.
17.    Manipulate photographs and create graphics.
18.    Access the web.
19.    Access Facebook (well not doing much of that to be honest).
20.    Read books and comics.
21.    Create notes and post to web.
22.    Stream video from my iMac to my TV.
23.    Learn other languages.
24.    Scan QR Codes.
25.    Make music.
26.    Control Presentations.
27.    Make lists of things to do…
28.    Record audio and upload to web.
29.    Satnav
30.    Access main computers remotely.
31.    Send SMS and MMS.
32.    Send e-mail
33.    Make phone calls….

7 Responses to 33 things I do on my mobile phone

  1. ajcann says:

    Make coffee? 😉

  2. Nick Sharratt says:

    I have a similar but much shorter list, 1 thing I use my mobile phone for:

    1) Practically everything


  3. […] 33 things I do on my mobile phone mencionado en Twitter por Angel […]

  4. mollybob says:

    A few more addds from me:

    control my sound system
    save bookmarks to delicious
    read the paper
    write and access my shopping list
    buy things on eBay
    find out who is playing that cool jazz on the radio

    wow… that list was supposed to be going to be just one more thing! sheesh.

  5. Allyson says:

    Call me practical – what’s your monthly mobile bill? I’m interested in comparing UK vs Australia prices.

  6. Allyson says:

    Thanks. My experience is that Australia telecommunications costs are pricey compared to US, so I was curious for the UK info.

    For A$59/month Optus 3G plan gives me 350min, free (domestic)text, 700G download and the phone itself.


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