Weird Flickr Stats

I use Flickr a fair bit now for uploading photographs. Sometimes to share what I have been doing, other times so I have access to images I can use on this blog or other sites.

I check the stats now and again (as I have a Pro account) and generally get between 150-300 views a day.

Yesterday however the stats went through the roof with 1300 odd views!


No idea why.

Unless someone (or some people) were really keen on flicking through my photographs, I am suspecting that some kind of bot was going through (and downloading) my images.

My images are copyright me, however I do licence them under a Creative Commons licence so that people in education can use them without having to pay a fee or royalty. However I don’t licence them for commercial use.

It will be interesting to see what happens today.

3 Responses to Weird Flickr Stats

  1. dsugden says:

    I check the search terms used on any ‘search engines’ listed and this helps me to compile more meaningful tag words.

    It suprises me just how diverse those search terms can be (and how odd: e.g. human, body, parts)

  2. Helen Keegan says:

    hi james, did you have a look at the stats for individual images (e.g. most viewed that day)? whenever i get a sharp spike in the views it’s due to a pic being blogged somewhere…

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