e-Learning Stuff Podcast #029: Handheld Reflections


Recorded live at Handheld Learning 2009 (hence the background noise) James is joined by David Sugden, Lilian Soon, Ron Mitchell and Nick Jeans.

We reflect on the keynotes, presentations, sessions, the conference, hheckl and stuff.

This is the twenty ninth e-Learning Stuff Podcast, Handheld Reflections.

Download the podcast in mp3 format: Handheld Reflections

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6 Responses to e-Learning Stuff Podcast #029: Handheld Reflections

  1. OllieBray says:

    Any reason why the podcast cuts short James – i was just getting into it! Is there a second half?

    • James Clay says:


      Does it cut short because we cut it short (you hear the end music) or is there a cut short because of the problem with the file?

      We could have kept talking but we decided that we would all go to the final keynote from Ray Kurzweil. One of the problems with live podcasts from events such as HHL09 is that there is never enough time, or quiet rooms, to do it.

      We are going to record more podcasts and we might cover more of HHL09 now that we have reflected on the conference.

      Are you interested in joining in one some time?


  2. dsugden says:

    Ollie – it’s 29 minutes long. Did your connection cut out? It played all the way through for me?

  3. OllieBray says:

    No didn’t hear the end music – its just cut out halfway through James speaking. I’m going to download it rather than live stream.

    and yes more than happy to take part in a podcast some time

    good to catch up last week – see you at a conference soon!


  4. OllieBray says:

    Think it was a problem with my home connection – downloaded the file and it all worked fine. Great summary of the few days. OB

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