The future of learning is mobile

At the joint Becta and LSIS Conference on Learning Innovation, Embracing Technology I gave a presentation entitled, The future of learning is mobile.

This is an audio recording of the presentation.

I am hoping to put up the slides when I have more bandwidth.

5 Responses to The future of learning is mobile

  1. Nathan Cobb says:


    Great speech, I really enjoyed it both on Tuesday and re-listening today. Did you record it using your i-Phone?


    • James Clay says:

      Hi Nathan

      Glad you enjoyed it, hope it make you think too.

      I recorded it using an Edirol R-09HR which is an excellent mp3 recorder.

      I then took the recording into Garageband to trim the ends of the recording, before uploading it to the blog.

      Using the voice recorder function on the iPhone it would be possible to use that, but I prefer using the Edirol as it is easier to get to the recording as it uses SD cards.



  2. Tim Difford says:

    Hi James

    Really enjoyed this. Around the same time I was delivering a presentation on Social Technologies in Business Change to a completely different corporate audience. It’s surprising (or perhaps unsurprising) how many common themes run through both sessions.

    My jokes are funnier, obviously.


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