Mobile e-Learning Stuff

WordPress have upgraded their CSS so that when this blog is viewed on a mobile device, it renders in a format which is much more readable.


This is an excellent move and makes reading blogs (well this one) whilst mobile so much easier.

So what are the red numbers?


The number of comments on each post.

There is of course a WordPress App for the iPhone which means that mobile blogging is much easier and faster.

From a learning perspective what this does mean is that reflective blogs are much easier to access, you can read and blog when and where you have the time and the motivation and not just when you are on a computer.

3 Responses to Mobile e-Learning Stuff

  1. John McLear says:

    Woop, hopefully they will add that new CSS into the next WPMU package so all Primary Blogger schools will get the same lovely treatment =)

    Cheers for letting me know

  2. […] took advantage of the WPTouch theme, it can be much easier to view a WordPress blog on an iPhone (or other mobile device). You can also install WPTouch on your own WordPress installation if you […]

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