iPad Nuggets

Tony Vincent has written an excellent blog post on Apple’s forthcoming new iPad.

In anticipation of the April 3rd iPad launch in the U.S., Apple has posted Guided Tours. These videos take you through some of the features in iPad apps like Safari, Mail, iBooks, and Keynote. You’ll immediately notice that Apple is using these videos for marketing. You’ll hear phrases like: easy, magical, it doesn’t get any simpler, immersive, intimate, fun, effortless, so smart, and beautiful.

What Tony has done that is really nice is that he’s watched the tours and made some useful and interesting observations.

Show a Keynote presentation on a projector or TV using the VGA adpater (not included in the box with iPad–it costs extra). It was unclear from the video if Presenter Notes appear on iPad’s screen while the slides appear on the projector’s screen.

Read his blog post for more nuggets.


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  1. […] have discussed the iPad before, talked about it on a podcast and mentioned Tony Vincent’s thoughts on the device. In my article I did mention the following: There are also rumours that Microsoft may be working on […]

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