How much bandwidth?

March 31, 2010

In March, this blog served 23GB of video, which I think is a fair amount of video, well 66 hours to be exact!

So how does that compare with something like YouTube.

Well by my calculations YouTube delivers that quantity of video every second.

In 2006, YouTube was delivering 100 million videos a day and using about 200TB of bandwidth.

In 2010, they are now delivering 1000 million videos a day and probably using more than 2000TB of bandwidth.

2,000 TB us 2,000,000 GB and there are 86,400 seconds in a day.

My maths may be wrong though.

Next Generation Learning Awards 2010: Special Innovation Award: Gloucestershire College

March 31, 2010

Next Generation Learning Awards 2010: Special Innovation Award: Gloucestershire College

The judges praised the enthusiasm and commitment of all members of the college team, starting with the vision and commitment of the principal and senior leadership team. They found a high level of technological innovation that is in effect led by learners and their needs.

The judges also liked the way the use of technology has brought about a rapid cultural change in the willingness of tutors to share good practice and resources both internally in the college and nationally. This is done traditionally via presentations given by staff members at events and conferences, but the college has also pioneered the use of online communities and social networking sites to share good practice.

It also enjoys more formal working partnerships. For example, it is working with the Royal Forest of Dean and Stroud Colleges to implement mobile learning there, and has a successful collaborative working arrangement with local schools to deliver diplomas.

The college recognises that a strong infrastructure needs to be in place to support technological innovation.

Trained advanced practitioners are used to disseminate good practice in using ICT across the college and more widely. These practitioners are well resourced and given the right equipment to develop, for example, mobile learning and assessment. One example the judges noted was the use of specialist software to mark and annotate students’ multimedia portfolios that were then presented to external validators.

The judges felt that for the future, all-round embedding of the vision and strategy for ICT and ILT will see the college move from strength to strength in the coming year.

From Becta.