e-Learning Stuff Podcast #042: Don’t feed the pelicans

Thoughts, reflections and recordings from the 5th Plymouth e-Learning Conference.

With James Clay and others….

This is the forty-second e-Learning Stuff Podcast, Don’t feed the pelicans

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2 Responses to e-Learning Stuff Podcast #042: Don’t feed the pelicans

  1. Thanks for putting this podcast together James. It certainly captured some of the atmosphere and essence of the event for those who couldn’t attend this year. You are right about the streams – there were perhaps a few too many sessions for the number of people attending this year, but as you rightly pointed out, numbers were down on last year. PeLC09 attracted more than 200 delegates. This year there were only 140, so our best laid plans….

    We will be making a few changes next year, and are hoping on some comprehensive feedback from those who attended so we can guage what is needed next year.


    • James Clay says:

      It was a really good conference and it was a pity that delegate numbers were down, very challenging to plan with unknown numbers. It’s in my diary for next year.



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