Publishing an e-Book

Apple have just updated their Pages word processing application to enable you to export your publication in ePub format.

The ePub format is a standard e-book format that works within Apple’s iBooks apps on the iPad and the iPhone.

It is also works on many other e-book readers, though not on Amazon’s Kindle!

Apple have released some guidance and help on choosing between ePub and PDF.

There are other ways of creating ePub publications, but if you already have and are familiar with Pages then it does give you a very easy way to create an ePub e-book.

There are many different e-book formats which makes life challenging for anyone who wants to create e-books or resources in an e-book format for their learners.

4 Responses to Publishing an e-Book

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  2. msloftis says:

    Good to know, I recently purchased an ipad…still searching for apps to install. I will keep this in mind.

  3. Dave Briggs says:

    Sure you are aware of it, James, but some of your readers may not be: is a great manager and converter of ebook formats. It’ll take a Pages-generated ePub file and easily make a Kindle friendly mobi file out of it.

  4. Doug Belshaw says:

    Thanks for the tip – although I found that you can’t have ‘floating’ images in ePub. Gah.

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