e-Learning Stuff Podcast #049: I haz iPad

June 6, 2010

James talks about his new iPad and some of the Apps he has been using on the iPad.

With James Clay.

This is the forty-nineth e-Learning Stuff Podcast, I haz iPad

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e-Learning Stuff Podcast #037: Backing up

March 7, 2010

Do you back up your data? If so how and where? The e-Learning Stuff panel discuss backing up.

With James Clay, Ron Mitchell, Lilian Soon and Dave Foord.

This is the thirty seventh e-Learning Stuff Podcast, Backing up

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Free online drive

March 6, 2010

USB memory sticks are so yesterday… if you have an internet connection then there are quite a few free services out there that can provide you with free online storage.

One that I have used in the past is eSnips. It gave you 5GB of free storage.

I have more recently been using Microsoft’s Skydrive.

25 GB of free storage on Windows Live With SkyDrive, it’s easy to store and share your files and photos with almost anyone.

Anywhere access: Get to your online files from home, work, or on the road.

Password-protected: Keep your files to yourself, or share them with anyone you want.

Easy to use: Drag files into your online folders, just like on your PC.

Though well integrated into Windows 7, I have been using it with my Mac and iPhone.

Another service recommended by a few people I know is Dropbox.

Dropbox is the easiest way to store, sync, and, share files online. There’s no complicated interface to learn. Dropbox works seamlessly with your operating system and automatically makes sure your files are up-to-date. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

I have also used Apple’s Mobile Me, but that isn’t free!

So what should you do if you don’t have an always on internet connection, you don’t have 3G, you don’t have a smartphone, you don’t have home internet?

Well, there are these USB memory sticks that don’t require internet access and come in a variety of sizes….

e-Learning Stuff Podcast #031: Store it, Tag it, Share it

January 24, 2010

With David Sugden, Ron Mitchell, Lilian Soon and James Clay.

This is the thirty first e-Learning Stuff Podcast, Store it, Tag it, Share it.

James, David, Ron and Lilian discuss various web tools that can be used to store your stuff; like documents, notes, files. Tools that allow you to tag your stuff and share your stuff. They talk about the tools they use with their stuff and they talk about how these tools can be used for learning. 

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  • Use Evernote to save your ideas, things you see, and things you like. Then find them all on any computer or device you use.
  • Dropbox is a way to store, sync, and, share files online.
  • Etherpad – When multiple people edit the same document simultaneously, any changes are instantly reflected on everyone’s screen. The result is a new and productive way to collaborate on text documents, useful for meeting notes, drafting sessions, education, team programming, and more.
  • Now that Etherpad is open source, other versions of the service are now available such as iEtherpad
  • Our snow podcast from last week.
  • TinyGrab is a simple yet extremely powerful utility for Mac OS X and Windows. Harnessing the power of pre-existing and new OS screenshot taking capabilities, TinyGrab instantly uploads and allows you to share with a small URL— all in under thirty-seconds.
  • Skitch is a Mac application for  making screen grabs and then annotating them, before uploading them to a web service.
  • Screenr – Instant screencasts for Twitter. Now you can create screencasts for your followers as easily as you tweet. Just click the record button and you’ll have your ready-to-tweet screencast in seconds.
  • Jing
  • Screencast-O-Matic
  • Format Factory
  • iPadio takes any phone call and streams it live on the web, makes phonecasts and phlogs simple and immediate.
  • Veho USB Microscope
  • Delicious

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