The VLE is Dead

Coming soon…

6 Responses to The VLE is Dead

  1. realstrings says:

    Ha! I love it, and I’ve never heard the B section of that funeral march! Quite uplifting actually. Will that fight be Sky Plus only, or web streaming?

  2. James Clay says:

    The debate will be streamed live over the internet using Ustream.

    Full version of that Funeral March. You have to love the Internet Archive for these kind of resources.

  3. […] drugi dzień konferencji – 8 września i potrwa ok 1,5 godziny (13.40-15.00 czasu brytyjskiego). Na blogu Clay’a znalazłam informację, że sympozjum będzie transmitowane (przy okazji polecam tamże obejrzenie […]

  4. […] leave a comment » ALT-C (the Association of Learning Technologists Conference 2009) is ongoing at the moment. They’ve been streaming the invited speakers on the Elluminate video conferencing platform. I just logged onto what I understand was an unofficial stream set up by the presenters independently of the organisers, to look at a debate titled The VLE is Dead. […]

  5. […] The “marketing” for the debate worked well (probably better than expected) with the trailer, the flyer and the numerous blog posts by me, Steve and many […]

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